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17 Multi-Origin Names For A Baby Girl

On the journey to motherhood, one of the greatest adventures is picking a meaningful name for the baby. There are so many to choose from! Finding a name that is unique, has significance, and sounds nice can seem challenging. But don't fret, because we have several multi-origin names that meet all the criteria on the list. These names have multiple meanings across various languages, are easy to pronounce, and pleasant to hear. These multi-origin names add a touch of exclusivity. They are out of the box, and their meaning can be interpreted in multiple ways. To give you an idea of how absolutely enchanting multi-origin names are, here is a collection of 17 Multi-origin names you can give to your baby girl.


17 Multi-Origin Names For A Baby Girl

  1. Suri

cute indian baby girlSuri is a wonderful name which was recently popularized by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes when they named their daughter Suri.

- In Sanskrit, Suri embodies wisdom. It also means goddess, a thinker, a sage, and the institutor of sacrifice as well.

- In Persian, Suri symbolises a beautiful red rose.

- In French, Zuri means pure.

- In Swahili, Zuri is usually assigned to girls because it means beautiful.

2. Suki

Suki is a short, and meaningful name for a girl.

- In Japanese, Suki is defined as beloved.

- In Hebrew, Suki or Sukie translates to a pretty Lily.

3. Aila

- In Sanskrit, it means merriness.

-It’s Finnish interpretation is 'bringer of light'.

- It roughly translates to 'from a strong place' in Scottish Gaelic.

- Aila is also a Turkish variation of the name Ayla, meaning Halo.

- Its Hebrew variation is Eilah which translates to 'an oak tree'.

4. Zoya

cute black baby girl




Zoya is fun, trendy, and has a melody to it.

-In Persian, Zoya signifies beauty.

-While in Russian Zoya's represents Life.

5. Charmin

Yes, Charmin does sound like charming in English, but it has a deep meaning in Sanskrit. A variation of this Indian name for females also has a French variation.

-In Sanskrit, Charmin is symbolic of Lord Shiva. It is derived from Charmi which means charm and leather in Sanskrit.

- In Greek, Charmian, a variation of Charmin, means delightful.

-In French, Charmine, means a song.

6. Lola

Lola is a very popular feminine name worldwide. Partly, because of Looney Tunes character Lola bunny.

-In Spanish it means sorrow or sorrowful.

- While in Sanskrit, it signifies the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi.

7. Kimiya

Although the word finds its roots in Persian, it also finds meaning in several other languages.

-In Persian, it’s a popular name for girls meaning alchemy.

-In Sanskrit it means miracle.

-In Japanese though, Kimiya is a name for boys(The name has different meanings depending on the kanji used).

8. Sia

cute asian baby girlSia is rich in meaning while being trendy, short, and easy to pronounce. It gained popularity recently because of Australian pop star and 'Cheap Thrills' hit-maker Sia.

-In Hebrew, Sia means helper.

-In Swedish Sia stands for triumph and prophesy.

-In Scottish, Sia represents the number six.

-In Persian, Sia is the 'bringer of joy'.

- While the name's Arabic variation, Zia, signifies light, illumination, or glow.

9. Kora

Kora is a sweet name for girls.

-In English and Greek Kora means a maiden.

- While in Hebrew, Korah means bald or ice.

10. Lia

Lia is an adorable name for a girl.

-In Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish, Lia means “bringer of good news”.

-While, Liana, a variation of Lia symbolizes the Sun in English and Latin.

-Another variation of Lia, Liane, also means Lily in French.

11. Nusa

Nusa is a unique, short, wonderful name for a girl.

-In Hungarian it means grace.

-In Russian, Nusa has a variation called Nyusha which means pure.

12. Aleka

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Aleka is a unique name for girls.

-In Greek, Aleka means 'defender of mankind'.

- Similarly, in Hawaiian, it means 'the protector'.

-While in Sanskrit, Aleka is a beautiful picture or a painting.

13. Ria

Ria is a cute name.

-In English, it means a singer.

-In Spanish Ria represents a river.

-While in Sanskrit, Ria symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi.

14. Sana

Sana is a simple name.

-In Urdu, Sana means resplendence, brilliance, and 'to gaze'.

- Sanaa signifies art in Swahili.

-In Welsh, Shana is Sana's moniker which means 'God is gracious'.


-In English, Edie is a girl's name which means happy warfare, spoils of war, as well as wealthy.

-In Albainain, however, Edi is a name for a boy which means 'guardian of prosperity'.

-While in Sanskrit Edi means sheep.


cute baby girl






The name Lena has the air of a strong woman about it.

-In means 'woman from Magdala' in English.

-It represents light in Greek.

-However, among the Native Americans, Lena is a name given to boys and it means flute for the Hopi.


-It means judgment in English and Persian.

- In Hebrew and Spanish Dina means avenged, vindicated.

-While in Russian it means heavenly and divine.

-Dinah is a variation of Dina which means avenged, vindicated, judgement in Hebrew and English.



As a parent, we are the ones tasked with the responsibility of picking a name that will embody something special for our child. We all feel the pressure to pick the perfect name; which is why multi-origin baby names are diverse, exotic, simple to pronounce, yet complex in their significance.

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Does your child have a multi-origin name? If so, and if you don’t mind sharing, what is it and what is its meaning?








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  1. Such an interesting post. At one point I used to love finding out meanings of different names … I don’t when or why I stopped 🙂


    1. It is cool to find out the meaning of different names.

  2. I have a friend who had a baby not long ago and named her Lola. It’s as beautiful as she is. I had no idea it was a name with such significance. I’ve forwarded your post along to her. I know she’ll think it’s fun that it signifies a goddess of wealth. x

    1. Awe that is so precious! Lola is such a cute name 🙂 thanks for sharing

  3. I loveee the name Suri ! I had only heard the name because of Tom Cruises daughter but didnt know it had such a nice meaning and was multi-origin. I love that all the names are short and unique

    1. Hi Claudia! So glad you like the list. Suri is such a cute name and I love it too. 🙂

  4. My friends just named their daughter Lola and Siri, I’ll have to show them this post!

    1. Awe thank is so precious! Too cute 🙂

  5. such a cute name list. My sister is looking for something special and all of these will do {in my opinion} will be sharing with her

    1. Awe love it! Hope the list helps your sister 🙂

  6. Sue Tanya McHorgh

    I love the name Suki. So nice to find out what it means. i wonder what my name means. My name is Sue-Tanya

    1. Silk is a very cute name, your name is lovely as well 🙂

  7. If i Will have my next baby girl, i will name her Sia for it says that, i will bring joy. She will be bringing joy in our lives.

    1. Awe such a beautiful name for a baby girl.

  8. I am really loving the name Suri after seeing it here! So unique and lovely.

    1. Love that name too. I love the way it sounds 🙂

  9. All of these names are so cute. It is all nice to know what a baby name means. When I hear something different.

    1. Yes it is so interesting to uncover what names mean. 🙂

  10. These are lovely and some that I haven’t heard of before. It’s so interesting that the same name can be used for a different meaning half a world away!

    1. It is interesting 🙂 I love how universal these names are.

  11. These are all very beautiful names! I love that you shared their origins as well 🙂

    1. Love these names too! Our guest blogger did an awesome job.

  12. Benita

    This was such a beautiful post and really meaningful because my oldest daughter’s name is Aisha which means “Life” is pregnant. We know it’s a girl but they are still thinking of a name and since a name is so important I will pass this post on to her and who knows maybe my granddaughter will have one of these.

    1. Awe! That’s so awesome! Congratulations and hope these names give her some inspiration. 🙂

  13. This is to neat! I loved the process of naming my kiddo’s and I spent hours researching meanings for the names we considered!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the list! 🙂 researching baby names is so exciting

  14. I went to college with an Ayla and fell in love with the name. So beautiful. My friend is Turkish. I didn’t realize that Alia was another way to spell it. Great list!

    1. Love that name too! It’s so pretty, a glad you liked the list

  15. I really enjoyed reading all the different interpretations. I don’t think I’ve ever come across name meanings in Sanskrit, so this was pretty cool to me.

    1. Hi Amber, glad you liked the list. Our guest blogger did a great job of coming up with a unique list.

  16. I love all of these names. I just found out my daughter is expecting and it won’t be long before they’ll have to pick out a baby name.

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  17. I enjoyed reading your post! Glad to know that so many words have the different meaning in different languages!

    1. Thanks Ana! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  18. Having raised two awesome daughters, I love seeing girls with meaningful names.I did not do that much research int the meaning but that adds value. What a great list for people to use.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, our guest blogger did an awesome job with this list.

  19. Lola is usually an abbreviation of a name in Yoruba one of Nigeria’s ethnic groups it signifies wealth for instance Oyinlola means a mix of honey and wealth. My daughter’s is Zara it’s an abbreviation of a name in Igbo another ethnic group in Nigeria.. ‘Zara means answer. Chizaram means God answered me. ( my prayer) I hear Zara / Zarah means in flower or to flourish in Arabic.

    1. Hi Chichi, thanks for the additions name interpretations.

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