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E-Home Staging

E-Home Staging is a revolutionary Home Staging Service done remotely. Veronica's helped national and international, HOME OWNERS and REAL ESTATE AGENTS prepare their homes for sale with her virtual Home Staging solution.


E-Interior Decorating

Lux Makeover! is a revolutionary Interior Decorating Service done remotely. Veronica provides interior design, and product recommendations that fit your budget. We work with HOMEOWNERS & RENTERS!




Below are example Design Styles. However, your personal style and vision take precedence.





Frequently asked questions

What happens after I sign up for an E-Home Staging or E- interior Decorating Consultation?

Within 1 business day Veronica will contact you to schedule your FREE Consultation.

What do I need to do in preparation for my consultation?

Because there is a time limit for each consultation, please be ready to make the most of every minute.

Here is a list outlining how you should prepare for your 1 hr Consultation:

State your goals.

- Think about the look and feel you want in the space.

- See the Classic/ Traditional, Contemporary, Eclectic, and Modern design style photo galleries above, and select the desired space style.

What dilemmas can Veronica help you with?

- Make a prioritized list starting with your most pressing issue.

- During the consultation she'll address your list until the time is up.

Think about your scope.

- Do you want to change a couple of items in the space? UpCycle some items? Or remove everything and start over?

- What are your specific limitations on budget & time frame?


*Please note that Inspiration Boards as well as before and after room transformation photos make great content for our blog, so unless you specifically ask that your design not be shared, we will use the images and feedback, anonymously, of course.  🙂


What happens during the consultation?

1. During the consultation she will walk you through a questionnaire to get project specifications.

2. She will answer your project questions, and ask for your budget to come up with a solid plan for your space.

3. She will ask you to give her  4-5 space photos and  dimensions which you can send via email.


What happens after the meeting, and how long will it take to complete my design package?

1. After the meeting and with your photos and space dimensions, she will design your personalized Home Décor Inspiration Board within 2 weeks.

2. Upon your suggested changes and agreement on the design, she will give you a Complete Package within 1 week.


What does a Complete Design Package include?

 1. Personalized Design Style Inspiration Board (see bedroom and bathroom example above).

2.   3 Photo Shopped Room Transformations using the 4-5 photos you provide of your current room.

3. Product URL links to buy items in your room transformation(For E-Interior Decorating Services ONLY).

4. 3 digital room repaint color options using the 4-5 photos you provided.

If you have a question that was not answered above feel free to  reach out directly and CONTACT US

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 Pablo Picasso