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Easy Cabinet Makeover

I love when homes have a cohesive style. When I bought my home I fell in love with the traditional crown molding, and all the little unique details the builder incorporated. Everything was perfect EXCEPT the laundry room. Despite all the nice cabinetry in the house, the previous owner chose to DIY the laundry room by installing modern IKEA cabinets for additional storage…SMH. On top of that the cabinets didn’t have any knobs, so they weren’t even functional. See the Before pic below.




I have nothing against IKEA cabinets, but these were really clashing with the rest of the cabinets in the house. I already budgeted a big portion of my home upgrade budget to new carpet, and wooden stairs so I didn’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money for new laundry room cabinets. So I put my DIY hat on and decided I was going to makeover the existing IKEA cabinets.


In order to make them match my other cabinets in the house, I knew I needed to add molding and chrome knobs. Unfortunately, I am not a carpenter and my woodworking skills stop at using a power drill lol :). After doing some research I discovered (drum roll please) POLYURETHANE MOLDED CLASSIC PICTURE FRAMES! :).



I was so geeked when I found this product. It takes all the work out of trying to cut and build molding frames yourself.


Below are the steps I took to get the cabinets in the After pic you see below.


  1. Using measuring tape I captured the height and width of the current cabinets. With this measurement I proceeded to purchase the molded picture frames with a height 4 inches smaller than the actual cabinets. I did this to give me some room for error, and so they could be centered on the cabinet when installed.


  1. Marking 4 inches off from the top and bottom of each cabinet with a pencil, I then used painters tape and a pocket level to hold the frames in the desired and straight position on the cabinet. Using white panel nails and a hammer, I inserted 1 nail each at the top and bottom of the frames.


  1. I used a small amount of white caulk to cover the nail heads, and then applied 2 coats of a gloss white spray paint (I had to open my back door, use a mask, gloves, and goggles for this one).


  1. After allowing the paint to dry overnight, I measured and marked the height and width where I wanted my chrome knobs. Once I decided on the right placement for the 1st knob I used the same measurements for the remaining cabinet doors. Then I used a drill and bit the size of the knob screw hole to drill the holes over the markings, and install the knobs.


And voila!  🙂  It took me a weekend to completely transform my laundry room cabinets!







To add some pizazz I included some Parisian themed accessories from my old house to spice it up.


I normally hate doing laundry, but with my new laundry room it’s not so bad. 🙂

Do you have any laundry room DIY hacks? Whether it’s a big or small project I’d love to hear from you.








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  1. Roberta

    Love, love your blog. Really liked the Bedroom up cycle. Great baby mom must have items. I’m sending your blog to my friend who’s a new grandmother so she can share with her daughter in law. ☺️

    1. Thanks Roberta! I appreciate your kind words and support 😊

  2. Jerylyn Talley

    I love what you did to your laundry room. It is more inviting since you have to spend a certain amount of time doing laundry. It went from bloh to fambulous!
    You are quite artistic Veronica. I love how you upgraded your white cabnets by framing them and adding knobs.

    1. Thanks!!! I appreciate your comments. Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  3. Amazing what crown molding can do. Add some new hardware have totally new looking cabinets.

    1. Hi Candy! Yes it’s amazing🤗

  4. I love this! It is absolutely amazing how a little TLC can transform an area. I love each and every detail of this laundry room transformation. I have also been trying to find out what to do with the cabinets in my laundry room and cannot wait to try this out!

    1. Hi Shanna! Thank you! I’m not a handy woman, and I can say this is one of the easiest projects I’ve done.😊 So happy you found this helpful, and good luck with your project.

  5. Cori

    This is such a smart idea! They turned out so well – DIY sucsess.

    1. Thanks Cori! I appreciate the compliment. You’re awesome 🙂

  6. hal

    wow – what an easy update but it makes such a huge difference in the overall look!

    1. Thanks Hal! Love easy updates with dramatic results😊

  7. Heather | My Moxietude

    What a great idea!! My laundry room, or should I say space, really needs a renovation. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Thanks for the love Heather!🤗 No problem!

  8. They came out great!! I can’t believe how easy this seems!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    1. Thanks Rachel! It was super easy, and fast😊

  9. Ohmygoodness! Great job on these! Yes, they might make me actually enjoy going into my laundry room 🙂

    1. Thank you Patricia! 🤗 Appreciate the love❤️. I’m doing better with the laundry now. Lol

  10. Anonymous

    Omg what a genius idea to use the frames! I’ve been wanting to spice up my cabinets so I’m definitely going to be using this idea too.

    1. Thank you!😊 Glad you found this article helpful. Good luck on your project.

  11. What a simple change, but it makes a big impact! I think I will add knobs to my cabinets too!

    1. Hi Ali! So glad you enjoyed the post. Adding knobs changed my laundry room experience 🤗 good luck with your project.

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