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Design on a Dime Blog: Broke & Boujee DIY Dollar Tree Glam Centerpieces


This Glam Floral Arrangement Centerpiece is my favorite DIY project to date. What makes it so awesome is that I made most of the piece from items from the Dollar Tree! I made 2 for my bedroom dresser, but these can be used as centerpieces for events.


Materials Needed Per Centerpiece:


  • 1 square floral foam
  • plastic dinner plate
  • 2 candles stick holders
  • 1 candle plate holder
  • 1 vase
  • 1 roll (3yrd) of diamond wrap ribbon
  • faux diamonds
  • super glue
  • hot glue gun w/glue sticks
  • Flowers (I used approx. 24 bushels of faux flowers mostly from the Dollar Tree)


*Other places you can buy these items are Michaels and Hobby Lobby)




Trish Davis has an awesome step by step tutorial on YouTube. Below is her video tutorial on how to make this centerpiece for yourself. Just press the Play Button to view.Hope you enjoyed this cheap and easy Designer Décor DIY project. 😮

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  1. How gorgeous are those flowers!! I love the pop of purple. Quite the glam look.

  2. This looks incredible, I love the rose on the inside, it creates such a classy and striking look, I’ve not seen anything like this before! I imagine it would look great for wedding receptions!

  3. Ryan Escat

    Those flowers are really gorgeous! I’m sure that my wife will love it!

  4. Anonymous

    Oh wow how very creative this is, the whole arrangement is stunning and would look beautiful as a centre-piece. Gorgeous you are really talented.

    1. Thank you so Much 😘😘😘 you are so kind

  5. Elizabeth O

    Oh wow how very creative this is, the whole arrangement is stunning and would look beautiful as a centre-piece. Gorgeous you are really talented.

  6. These floral arrangements are amazing. Never did this way but I can try this one watching your pics as you have given the material details.

    1. Thanks Indu! Definitely and would love to see how yours turns out

  7. Dollar Tree Glam yesssssssssss…….So beautiful Veronica I really love this and the colors are amazing and a great pick me up for the winter months!

    1. Thank you so much Shauna 😘😘😘 Appreciate the love 😍😍😍

  8. Wow! I love how you put together these beauties! I watched your video, and you make it look so easy. I’m actually very excited to try doing this. And I am a big Dollar Tree fan too. 🙂

    1. Yay! So glad you were inspired 🤗 would love to see how yours comes out as well

  9. Lovely! Lovely flowers and the color combination are perfect.

  10. Shubhada Bhide

    Oh wow! That DIY flower vase is so gorgeous and the flower as well. I’d really like to try to make that one.

    1. Thank you!! Would love to see how yours turns out ❤️

  11. How beautiful is this. Look at those flowers, totally breath-taking.

  12. These are gorgeous. I’m jealous of how crafty you are. Thank you for sharing the detailed steps.

    1. Awe you are so sweet! 😘 thank you 🙏

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