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How to Decorate a Disney’s Frozen Christmas tree the Easy Way

If you’re like me, I love a good holiday decorating shortcut.  I was searching for something easy that would compliment my Disney’s Frozen glam holiday decor theme. Luckily, I stumbled upon the best Christmas tree decorating hack ever, and I’m so geeked I  found it!  🙂 I love how department store trees look. They seem to have the perfect ratio and …

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Parenthood Blog: Baby Bandana Bib Review

When I was pregnant with my son, I surfed PInterest looking for trendy outfits and baby bibs for little boys. I wanted my LO to be a little Fashion Prince lol. 🙂 One of the accessories I knew I wanted, especially when he started teething, was the stylish bandana/ handkerchief bib. I like the look because instead of clashing with those …

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Top 3 Tips to Design a Themed Room

I just finished this baby boy nautical/beach nursery room, and I am so happy with the way my design  turned out! 🙂  It’s a small room, but I was able to maximize the space by having a crib, daybed with a pull out twin trundle (perfect for long nights when baby is up every 3-4 hours lol), glider chair (like the …

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Parenthood Blog: 5 Baby Must Haves

As a first time mom I was so overwhelmed when we first brought our baby home. My husband and I received many wonderful baby gifts (i.e. boppies (5 to be exact lol), diapers, co-sleeper, swaddlers) of which we are grateful for, but there are 5 items I really wish I had from Day 1. We bought these 5 items after …

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