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Parenthood Blog: Baby Bandana Bib Review

When I was pregnant with my son, I surfed PInterest looking for trendy outfits and baby bibs for little boys. I wanted my LO to be a little Fashion Prince lol. 🙂

One of the accessories I knew I wanted, especially when he started teething, was the stylish bandana/ handkerchief bib. I like the look because instead of clashing with those cute baby outfits like traditional square bibs do; the bandana bibs actually compliment clothes. So you get function and fashion all in one piece. I love it!  🙂

As I was looking online for this style of bib, I felt like there were so many options to choose from. After trial and error/wasted money lol, I finally tried the Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 4 pack set by U.S. Bilby. Unlike others I bought, these are high quality and really thick, keeping my little drool king dry longer. Also, instead of having to use a separate bib for feeding, I can just use this one.



Below are direct links to the U.S. Dilby Amazon sites.


They are super soft and made from 100% Organic cotton on the front and polyester fleece on the back. It’s normally hard for me to find inexpensive, trendy, high quality baby stuff that’s made from organic cotton, so this was a major + for me. They’re so soft they can even be used as a washcloth.

The girl bibs are so adorable! They have me wanting a little girl so I can put one on her :). Below are close up pics of the girl bib front and back. Aren’t they the cutest?





My baby has acid reflux, eczema, and is prone to getting rashes under his neck, so the micro fleece backing provides extra protection keeping him safe from agitation. Another feature I love that is unique about these bibs is there are 2-nickel free easy snap closures that are adjustable for babies as they grow from newborn, infant, to toddler. There’s NO Velcro to scratch my baby’s soft skin. My other ones had velcro that would scratch, and get caught in my son’s hair. 🙁

I always wash new baby clothes before putting them on my son, and am so disappointed when the color fades or the item shrinks before he can wear it. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that with these. If I knew about them sooner, I would have included them in my baby shower registry. They will definitely be included in baby gift bags for my expectant mommy friends.


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  1. Jerylyn Talley

    These are cute ,funtional soft bibs for little girls.

    1. Glad you like the bibs Jerylyn! 🙂 Make sure to enter the contest and use your lucky link to tell your friends.

  2. Sarah

    Those bibs are super cute and look very functional

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m amazed by the quality and thickness of these bibs. They are by far the best bibs I own. 🙂

  3. My youngest son drools like crazy, and I’ve tried putting bibs on him, but they just haven’t fit right. I like the bandana style of these. He also has eczema and constantly gets rashes on his cheeks from his clothes. These bibs might help with that, too! I will definitely check these out.

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Yes I absolutely love these bibs! 🙂 They are super absorbent. My son has eczema too and these helped keep his skin dry. I honestly get really upset if all the ones I have are dirty, and I have to use other ones because I love these so much. lol Plus they’re made from 100% organic cotton.

  4. These are so cute and I love the soft material. My son had horrible acid reflux and these would have been perfect!

    1. Hi Christina! Glad you like the bibs😊 My son had the same issue and these were perfect. They are my favorite.

  5. Those are some really cute bibs my sister just had a baby boy I’m
    Going to pass this post along to her I’m sure she’s going to enjoy it. Great post 🙂


    1. Hi Mona! Awe Congratulations!🤗 I love these bibs for my son, and am sure she will too.

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