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Parenthood Blog: 5 Baby Must Haves

As a first time mom I was so overwhelmed when we first brought our baby home.

My husband and I received many wonderful baby gifts (i.e. boppies (5 to be exact lol), diapers, co-sleeper, swaddlers) of which we are grateful for, but there are 5 items I really wish I had from Day 1. We bought these 5 items after weeks/months of trial and error in efforts to calm/soothe baby and ourselves. These may not help everyone, but they were life/ sleep/ sanity savers for us so thought I would share.


  1. Dr. Brown's Bottles





My breast milk did not come in for 3 weeks, so we supplemented until it did and still do. Our LO had a bad case of colic and after trying numerous bottles and formula combinations, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles along with Earth's Best Organic, Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron remedied our situation (sigh of relief :)). The pic above is for the glass bottles, but we bought both these and the BPA free plastic set.


  1. Baby Swing

After having a C-section and a terrible hemorrhoid situation (TMI I know), it was very painful to sit up to rock my baby. Even after I healed, I had a stage 5-clinger baby who would scream every time I put him down. After 1 month I decided to try a swing and my baby loved it. It was the best money I spent on any one-baby item. Now at 5 months it’s become a soother when nothing else will console him.


  1. Breast Pump Car Adaptor/Charger



I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, must have been pregnancy brain :). My husband and I would go to drive in movie theatres for date nights since it allowed us to bring the baby. However, since my milk supply was low and I had to exclusively pump, we only had enough to be out of the house for 4 hours. With this adapter I can pump right in the car, allowing us to be out all day if we please.


  1. Breast Milk Cooler Set



Since I was pumping in the middle of night I would bring cups of ice upstairs to keep my milk cold, but this cooler comes with bottles and a contoured ice pack  that keeps milk cold for around 11 hours. Good for those late nights and travel. I love this thing.


  1. Glider

baby glider

I’m usually not a procrastinator, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to set up the nursery before the baby’s arrival. I planned to have him sleep in our Halo co-sleeper so I wasn’t pressed to finish it I guess. At 4 months we transitioned the baby into his nursery and at that point I decided to buy the glider. I absolutely love this chair. It’s so much easier to rock him to sleep and pump during the night.


Those are my top 5 must haves that I wish I had Day 1 with baby. Feel free to use the hyperlinks above for more product details. I hope this was helpful. 🙂

Any others you would recommend?




















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  1. Nia Hines

    I love this article Veronica! This is great advice that I’m going to share with my cousin, a new mother (she’s only one week in), thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Nia!!! You’re so sweet 🙂 Congratulations to your cousin. I hope the post is helpful to her. If she has any follow up questions tell her to feel free to contact me. I would love to help.

  2. Jerylyn Talley

    Great items Veronica. I’m glad you all got that rocking / glider chair. I am glad the Baby loves it and you, too. Rocking chairs are soothing.

    1. Glad you agree being a supermom yourself 🙂

  3. Kristen

    Love this list! The two things I would add that saved my life are a white noise machine for the nursery (somewhat controversial but my 10m old still sleeps better with it on) and a Nose Frieda. Total lifesaver although it does require some wrestling with your little once they are coordinated enough to swat the Frieda away.

    1. Thanks Kristen! 🙂 These are great additions. I agree on the white noise machine. I’ve heard so many good things about the Nose Frieda and I definitely have to get one.

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