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Top 3 Tips to Design a Themed Room

I just finished this baby boy nautical/beach nursery room, and I am so happy with the way my design  turned out! 🙂  It’s a small room, but I was able to maximize the space by having a crib, daybed with a pull out twin trundle (perfect for long nights when baby is up every 3-4 hours lol), glider chair (like the one from my 5 Baby Must Haves post), bookshelf, and a closet baby clothes/shoes storage system.

I’m a big fan of themed rooms especially for baby nurseries and kid’s rooms. I think the hardest part about decorating themed rooms is getting the idea across without going over board. Finding the balance is tough, but I’ll share with you 3 of my Interior Design ABC’s tips to designing themed rooms.


Top 3 Tips:


  1. Before you buy anything make a list of colors that are characteristic of the person, place, or thing you are using as a theme. With my nautical beach theme the main colors were light blue, grey, and aqua blue for the sky and sea, tan for the sand, and white for the clouds.


img_2625 img_2627


  1. Decide on fabrics and materials. Ask yourself what types of fabrics or materials would be found or used in your theme? Fabrics used for the nursery were cottons, and linens like those used in most beachwear. The materials I chose were distressed drift wood (included on pillow buttons and crib), wicker, twine, fish netting (displayed on aqua glass jugs on bookshelf), and wainscoting (used on daybed frame), which would typically be found on a ship or seashore.





  1. Select 4 symbols/objects common to your theme. Ensure that these objects are spread across the room. I chose a grey distressed anchor, a paddle, starfish, and seashells. If the objects can provide some utility in the room that is an added bonus. My paddle with clothes hooks is a good example.


img_2633 img_2634


Bonus Pics: Below are some pics of the closet storage system I installed. You save so much space in a small room by using this instead of  a dresser. The system allows you to hang up clothes sorted by age, as well as store shoes, hats, towels, blankets, you name it. 🙂


img_2636 img_2638



Those are 3 of the tricks I use to design themed rooms. What about you? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve?






  1. Jerylyn Talley

    This is a Beautiful room for your precious baby!

    1. Thank you!! Glad you like the room 🙂

  2. I absolutely adore this room! I’m definitely going to work on my baby’s room tomorrow!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate the compliment. I offer interior design and home decor services if you need any help decorating your baby’s room.

  3. Love that paddle hook! Cute room!

    1. Thanks Becki, I’m glad you like the room! 🙂 That paddle is so convenient. I love it.

  4. This room is absolutely darling!!!!!! (Where were you clever designer people back when I designed my first baby’s room, 40 years ago?!?! … Oh yeah, the Internet was not even invented yet! 😄) Your details are soooo delightful!

    I don’t know if your use of the word “overboard” was intentional in keeping with your nautical theme(?), but I did pick up on that! ☺

    Thank you for sharing your photos and your simple-but-effective tips!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Barb! 🤗😘 They are much appreciated, and I love the emojis 😍

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